Rockin L Dachshunds

Our puppies 1st begin on potty pads. Then as they get older by using doggy doors.     Upon coming home to
you & their "new" surroundings, they will need to learn your accommodations. Give them a small washable
area (laundry room, kitchen or bathroom) of confinement 1st, when you are unable to watch them. Nearly every
2 hours you will need to take your puppy outdoors. Go with them so they don't feel as if they're in trouble.
Remind him or her to "Potty". Shortly after waking, eating or playing are also critical times.  
***TOYS:  Having a variety of different toys will help to entertain your puppy when you can't be present.  Once
toys have been damaged from extensive chewing dispose of them before they become ingested by your dog.
***Miniature Dachshunds seem to adore stuffed toys

***Miniature Dachshund puppies that are smooth coated need little grooming, long haired need weekly
brushing behind the ears, top of their legs and around the tail .
The wires vary from puppy to puppy, some have little wire, almost a smooth coat with wisps, these require little
grooming.  Then the other extreme would be the soft wires which look like Teddy Bears.  These require the
most brushing, twice a week over their entire body.

If you are Looking to find the perfect puppy, that will be your family pet for many years, one that comes
from a clean and very caring,family environment - you have come to the right place!!!!!

It is extremely important to safeguard your puppy until he or she has received the final round of immunizations.
Do not visit public places where other dogs have been.  Your puppy is not protected from disease until he/she
has finished their vaccination series. This includes such places as Petsmart, Murdochs, pet parks, even your
veterinarians office.
We are confident in our ability of sending you a puppy well adjusted for your home. From the time our puppies
are born, they are handled daily . Music is played for their pleasure and socialization. My daughter and grand
kids also interact with them.   We are very hands-on!

*Hypo-glysemia can be brought on by your puppy becoming  stressed from many different things such as more
commotion then he or she is used to, children playing ,other household pets, too many new people being
introduced for too long of a period.
Not unlike human children, these little puppies need to eat as often as they want to thats why I feed free
choice,   and sleep several times throughout the day .When he/she is tired they can curl up securely at any time
and nap.
Why us?
Our puppies are all current on vaccinations . We use a 5 way Duramune Max 5 as  our vaccination program.
Deworming with Nemex2  & Panacur will also have been done at 2, 4, 6, & 8 wks. of age.
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